UMALASERLAB research website


The Laser Laboratory, Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Málaga, Spain, is the research group of Prof. Javier Laserna. Established in 1987, the group specializes in laser processing and analysis of materials and develops solicited research projects from european, national and regional funding agencies. The group also offers quick-turn-around, cost-effective solutions to a variety of research and technical problems in diverse applications areas, including microelectronics, process monitoring technologies, environment, cultural heritage, steel products and processes, defense, security and space.

The UMALASERLAB research website, located at, enables visitors to:

  • Read a complete history of the group and its profile.
  • Examine the complete UMALASERLAB research catalog.
  • Meet the scientific staff of the UMALASERLAB.
  • Read announcements of recently published papers and UMALASERLAB activities.
  • Read announcements of UMALASERLAB open positions.
  • View titles of recent publications.
  • Read and download application notes.

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