The journal Nature Photonics highlights an article from the UMALASERLAB.

The journal Nature Photonics Highlight an article from UMALASERLAB.

An optical scheme for checking the composition of individual nanoparticles with masses on the scale of attograms has been demonstrated by scientists in Spain. The approach, developes by Pablo Purohit, Francisco Fortes and Javier Laserna from the Universidad de Málaga, combines optical trapping with laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and has been tested with a variety of copper nanoparticles. A powder sample of the nanoparticles is dispersed into an aerosol by the use aof an air plasma shock wave and a single nanoparticles is then suspended in an optical trap. A single laser shot from a pulsed Nd:YAG laser is then directed onto the trapped nanoparticles and serves to excite a LIBS optical emission spectrum that is collected and analysed by a fibre-coupled spectrometer. Results indicate that the scheme is able to identify the chemical composition of copper nanoparticles with masses and sizes as small as ~33 attograms and 25 nm, respectively.

The journal Nature Photonics Highlight, an article from Umalaserlab

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