Luisa María Cabalín



Dra. Luisa M. Cabalín is an associated Professor in the Department of Analytical Chemistry at University of Málaga. She received his B.S. degree from the Faculty of Science of University of Málaga (Spain) in 1989 and her Ph.D from the same University under the direction of Professor J. Laserna and A. Ruperez in 1994. She then spent two years as a postdoctoral research with Professor Jean M. Mermet at the University Claude Bernard Lyon-I. Laboratoire des Sciences Analytiques Lyon, France. Her research interest is in the area of lasers in chemical analysis, laser-induced plasma spectrometry; surface analysis using laser ablation with optical detection, imaging techniques; instrumental solutions for chemical analysis in the industry; on-line analytical methodology; fieldable analytical instrumentation; development of spectroscopic instrumentation.


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